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HBBH is a series of interactive business classes offering unique business tools, services, resources and support. HBBH teaches business strategy and business planning to the health practitioner seeking medical and business support to grow and enhance their practice


  • Create a clinic model to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and positive experience for everyone involved from patient to staff to doctor.
  • Provide an effective patient strategy to ensure a long-term relationship with a patient to optimize their health.
  • The introduction of the River of HealthTM program.


  • Without patients you have no business. In this session develop your response to the most important question any entrepreneur has to answer "why me".
  • In order to maximize your position in the community you need to listen and adjust to what the community is saying. We have the tool that will provide a very clear understanding on what you need to become unique in your community.
  • Develop a marketing foundation that will be the cornerstone of all your marketing strategies.
  • Develop and incorporate a general presentation model and strategy that can effectively be used in any setting to increase your clientele.
  • Develop a very unique program exclusive to the HBBH workshop series. Following the River of HealthTM, develop YOUR "Four Seasons of HealthTM" model.


  • A successful business is often an extension of the entrepreneur that is in control. Develop your entrepreneurial attitude, skill and knowledge incorporating a number of unique tools exclusive to the HBBH program.
  • Tackle associate negotiations, inventory management, application based learning, employee management and what if's planning
  • Understand and develop a very unique program exclusive to the HBBH workshop series. Follow along and develop YOUR "Step UpTM" model.

Accounting: (Administration)

  • Understanding your financial statements is important, BUT managing the statements is more critical to the long-term success.
  • Understand your finances, manage your financial records, and most important establish an internal administration system that will allow to pro-actively deal with challenges before they become problems.
  • Develop a financial communicator in order to provide internal and external reviewers specific and important information for decision-making.
  • Begin to develop YOUR own "Rainbow/ Life-Long WellnessTM" program for patients at the highest level of health.
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