Andre Belanger, trusted advisor, master coach and entrepreneur
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In 22+ years assisting, mentoring, training and guiding small business entrepreneurs in the health care industry, small business sector and native communities, a number of unique tools and strategies have been developed in helping everyone realize opportunities.

I have dedicated much of my life helping those that help others and am honoured to be part of the HBBH presentation team.  With my long time friend Dr. Thom’s material, we bring a unique model that provides over 60 years of practical knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial attitude to our presentations and individual coaching.

Being part of the HBBH presentation team has always been exciting, challenging and fulfilling and now being part of HERO’s West Services will only enhance opportunities to help more and more entrepreneurs attain their goals.

My commitment to working with those that wish their entrepreneurial dreams come true is as strong as those that have the dream. My passion is to provide the attitude, skill and knowledge in making dreams come true.  My legacy is to provide strategies and a toolkit that will help make it happen.

I am dedicated to the health of business, business of health in honour of my father who passed away at the age of 52 and the love and pride of my 2 children.  I believe we have been put on this planet for a purpose,  and what I am doing is mine. 

Health and success always.

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