Maximizing Accounting – "Being Pro-active"
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Presenters: Dick Thom DDS, ND and Andre Belanger

It is time to tackle your patient and practice management head on with your two most critical tools – financial and therapeutic.  With two very unique and trademarked models, participants will be provided an administrative foundation, The 365 Day ManagerTM, that will become the cornerstone of your practice for years to come.  

It is essential as an entrepreneur to understand how to act proactively and preventively. It is easier to treat a patient who has many presenting symptoms, but what do you do when they have few to no symptoms? How do you continue to manage them through a 3-5 year process? The Step UpTM program will introduce ideas and concepts of how to address patients when they "think" they have finished their journey up the River of HealthTM. Guidelines for a variety of therapies, all dependant on where the patient is in their own health challenges, will be presented. You will be shown an exciting and unique model necessary in continuing to guide a patient towards their highest level of wellness.  


  • Understanding your financial statements is important, however managing the statements is more critical to the long-term success.
  • Understand your finances, manage your financial records, and most important establish an internal administration system that will allow to pro-actively deal with challenges before they become problems.
  • Develop a financial communicator in order to provide internal and external reviewers specific and important information for decision making.
  • Understand and develop a very unique program exclusive to the HBBH workshop series. Follow along and develop YOUR "Step UpTM" model.

Workshop Hours:

      • Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

      • Sunday    9:00AM - 4:00PM

Workshop fee:

Professionals:        $250.00 US  
Students:               $250.00 US

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Pre-registration is highly recommended 2 days before the workshop in order to  receive an electronic pdf copy of the workbook that you can print and bring to the workshop. Registrations and payments are always welcome at the door and you will receive an electronic copy of the workbook at that time.


I was skeptical as to the value for the money, with money being very tight for me, but it was worth every penny.  It helped me feel more in control of my future instead of less, as I thought it would.

J. D., ND

Every time I come to one of these workshops, I feel a renewed energy to work on the business aspect of the medicine and feel more confident in my ability to run a successful practice.

J. M., ND3

The cost of this class is peanuts, compared to what it is going to save me, make me in the long run.

A. W., ND3

Take the classes early on in your student career!  First quarter, first year!

A. R., ND1

This workshop series is total phenomenal. The resources DT and Andy provide, the tools so selflessly given are a true gift worth thousands.

M. B., LAc, ND4

These workshops have the potential to shoot our profession into the stratosphere as far as successful thriving practices go.

D. N., ND1

This is my second time through the Administration workshop and I am starting to feel very financially proficient.  All of the HBBH workshops have helped me to become truly ready to launch a successful business. Thank you.

C. W., ND3

This workshop is an integral part of building a successful medical practice.  There is NO other workshop that is as thorough and specific for the naturopathic profession and the tools we receive are worth 10 times the cost it is to attend.  This is one of the best investments you will ever make!

D. S., ND4 

You MUST attend this.  The information I received from these 2 days is invaluable.  There is no excuse not to attend! I am much more confident that I have what it takes to reach my goal of being able to set up practice by the time I graduate

T. F., ND1

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