Maximizing Leadership – "Taking Charge"
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Presenters: Dick Thom DDS, ND and Andre Belanger

As doctors, we tend to forget our responsibilities of being an entrepreneur in the "success" equation.  In this very powerful workshop participants address what it means to be a successful leader. From understanding and managing the business issues that impact every entrepreneur to taking charge of their own destiny, they will come to understand to tackle the challenges of the day, plan for the gifts of tomorrow and understand the lessons of yesterday.  

Prevention and high level wellness are common goals of all practitioners. The Step Up  program provides a foundation to truly enable this goal to be achieved as you continue to aid your patient toward the highest levels of health possible for them.  

The motivation and leadership role within this area is essential to enable your clinic to reach new levels in being a successful practitioner.


  • A successful business is often an extension of the entrepreneur that is in control. Develop your entrepreneurial attitude, skill and knowledge incorporating a number of unique tools exclusive to the HBBH program.
  • Tackle associate negotiations, inventory management, application based learning, employee management and what if's planning
  • This workshop is essential IF you are ever going to sign a contract, if you are considering taking insurance in your practice, if you plan on working for someone as an employee (resident), employee in a salaried position, start your own clinic or become an associate with someone else.
  • Learn the BEST way to start your clinic as a MANAGEMENT company and get the best of all worlds as an owner, partner, but NONE of the RISKS associated with them if you open your own clinic individually.
  • Begin to develop YOUR own "Step UP" program for patients attempting to achieve their highest level of health.

Workshop Hours:

      • Saturday   9:00AM - 5:00PM

      • Sunday      9:00AM - 4:00PM

Workshop fee:

Professionals:         $250.00 US
Students:                $250.00 US

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Pre-registration is highly recommended 2 days before the workshop in order to receive an electronic pdf copy of the workbook that you can print and bring to the workshop. Registrations and payments are always welcome at the door and you will receive an electronic copy of the workbook at that time.


Thank you for caring enough about this field (service) to bring your resources together and map out a way for me to be successful!

L. F., nutritionist

I have completed the HBBH series 2 times over 2 years.  In that time I have hired Andy as my personal business coach.  I am continually amazed and excited by the usefulness of the systems and goals and their effect on my business.  There is an enormous value gained for the long-term health of my business.

A. L., ND, LAC

THANK YOU!!!  I have been inspired, motivated and best of all, well educated on the ins and outs of running a successful healthcare business.

C. G., LAc candidate

I found this workshop to be incredibly useful at defining and establishing the systems and groundwork needed to establish our practice.  This workshop was the best use for our money in preparing our medical practice.

M. C., ND, LAc

I will share with my community that I am going to be wildly successful in part because of the preparation encouraged by HBBH.

N. B., ND5

Everyone in Acupuncture school at OCOM should take this course so that all of us in the alternative health care field are wildly successful.

M. C., MD, LAc candidate

I would be completely lost without taking all four HBBH workshops!

J. M., ND

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