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Presenters: Dick Thom DDS, ND and Andre Belanger

Are you doing everything you can imagine to market your practice? The present paradigm includes lectures, networking, asking patients to refer family, a nice website, meeting a lot of people and making beautiful advertising postcards. Is this working for you? It is not for many - why not?

The one key factor in the success of any clinic is highly satisfied and motivated clients.  We strongly believe the majority of clients are won or lost in the first visit, and from the first visit to the 15th, how and what you do defines how busy you will be and for how long.  Add to this a very special and unique tool that will allow you to clarify marketing positioning and develop strategies in maximizing your position will truly make your clinic a place where people "want" to go for their health needs.  

Clinical success will be your best marketing tool. But you need to have the patient in your office consistently for that to happen. The First ContactTM will be presented in detail as will the overview of a presentation that can be used for all speaking engagements. Use a potential patient’s first impression as an opportunity to be a win-win situation.  

This workshop will also introduce the The Four Seasons of HealthTM program will enable patients to understand their responsibilities all through the year. Guidelines for a variety of therapies, all dependant on where the patient is in their own health challenges, will be presented. You will be shown an exciting and unique model necessary in guiding and/ or maintaining a patient at a level of wellness. 


  • Without patients you have no business. In this session develop your response to the most important question any entrepreneur has to answer "why me".
  • In order to maximize your position in the community you need to listen and adjust to what the community is saying. We have the tool that will provide a very clear understanding on what you need to become unique in your community.
  • Develop a marketing foundation that will be the cornerstone of all your marketing strategies.
  • Develop and incorporate a general presentation model and strategy that can effectively be used in any setting to increase your clientele.
  • Understand and develop a very unique program exclusive to the HBBH workshop series. Follow along and develop YOUR "Four Seasons of HealthTM" model.

 Workshop hours:

      • Saturday     9:00AM - 5:00PM

      • Sunday       9:00AM - 4:00 PM

Workshop fee:

Professionals:        $250.00 US
Students:               $250.00 US

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Pre-registration is highly recommended 2 days before the workshop in order to receive an electronic pdf copy of the workbook that you can print and bring to the workshop. Registrations and payments are always welcome at the door and you will receive an electronic copy of the workbook at that time.


This is the part that is missing.  We leave school as doctors and are told to go run a business and we don’t know how. This provides the tools wearing your entrepreneurial hat.

V. G., ND 

The nutrition community still doesn’t think of themselves as a business (neither do the associations!) so this workshop makes them aware this exists.  We always go to the root cause and can’t legally talk about disease so the slide show at the 1st appointment is fantastic.

J. H., Reg Nutritionist

You can create the practice the way you want by learning from experts that have already done it.

D. H., NMD

This is an excellent, highly practical approach to developing a successful and profitable practice. One seminar that is well worth the time and the money we invested.

P. M., NMD

This is the best investment of time/money any practitioner could possibly make. I wish this program was around 10 years ago.

D. G., ND

Great material for any doctor from the first year novice to the seasoned doctor.

S. K., ND (23 years)

I learned that it’s my duty as a naturopath to not only promote myself, but to promote the profession as a whole.  This workshop gave me a new perspective on marketing naturopathic medicine.

S. O., ND3

Dr. Thom empowers young physicians that you know what you need to start a practice.  The seminar is energetic, builds confidence, and leaves with the tools to get started.

A. C., ND

I was very nervous about starting my own business, but now I’m beginning to see just how this is all going to work. Thanks for the great information!

D. P., ND4

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