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Presenters: Dick Thom DDSND and Andre Belanger

As a healthcare practitioner, to be successful it is essential that you understand how an entrepreneur approaches health care from a revised paradigm. Exceptional patient care is more than simply knowing the correct diagnosis and then providing appropriate therapy. You must learn how to gather all the information necessary for you to have a lifelong relationship with a patient, not one that simply deals with a patient when they have symptoms.

In order to assist yourself, your team, your clients in attaining your goals, you need to approach your venture as an entrepreneur and assure maximum positive experience for all. This workshop provides attitude, skills, and knowledge in maximizing clinic flow by identifying key factors that will keep clients coming back.

This workshop will introduce the flagship HBBH program called the River of HealthTM. It will guide you through the basic program to introduce to every patient in your practice and create the model required to help patients achieve their highest level of health.

  • Create a clinic model to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and positive experience for everyone involved from patient to staff to doctor.
  • Provide an effective patient strategy to ensure a long-term relationship with a patient to optimize their health.
  • The introduction of the River of HealthTM program.

 Workshop hours:

      • Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00 PM

      • Sunday 9:00 - 4:00 PM

Workshop fee:

Professionals:    $250.00 US
Students:           $250.00 US

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Dates and locations click here

Pre-registration is highly reommended 2 days before the workshop in order to receive an electronic pdf copy of the workbook that you can print and bring to the workshop. Registrations and payments are always welcome at the door and you will receive an electronic copy of the workbook at that time.


This workshop will help you save thousands of dollars and years of frustration. I wish I had taken the course when I was a second year ND student 17 years ago.

G. K., ND 

Adult learning style utilized by hands on lecture. Great.

T. S., ND

This team-taught series is inspirational, educational and useful.  I learn many new things each session.

A. L., ND, LAc

Great motivator for working towards total efficiency, allowing ease of practice and greater revenue.

L. R., cosmetologist

I have attended many business seminars.  The difference with this seminar is that it is applicable immediately and doesn’t tell you what you want to hear like other seminars.

K. H., ND, LAc

This is a very user-friendly approach to the terrifying reality of needing to master and running a business.  Extremely applicable information with step-by-step instructing.  I am grateful to Dick and Andy for developing this program.

J. T., ND

Very effective, excellent content

N. C., Nutritionist

Clear, concise, unifying.  Not overwhelming, very accessible, easy to implement solutions, inspiring.

J. M., ND

I enjoyed the weekend and was challenged to think as an entrepreneur and not just as a doctor.  It will be good to get into and create systems to have a successful business.

J. G., ND4

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