Heavy metal toxicity
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Heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metal toxicity


Many (most) of our patients presenting with chronic disease have a variety of underlying obstacles to cure. One of the common include heavy metal toxicity. Clinically many of the following conditions have been improved by addressing heavy metals with a variety of therapies.


A common therapeutic approach is IV or oral chelation. However for a variety of reasons, many patients are unable to tolerate or afford these therapies. This presentation covers:

Physiologic effects of heavy metals

            Typical presentation of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum

The determinants of toxic load including a discussion of the patient’s terrain, which is a combination of their miasm, temperament and constitution

Evaluation of heavy metal toxicity

Simple, but effective treatments to remove the metal toxicity. The hierarchy of treatment approach includes:

1.     education

2.     diet – specifics about detox, decreasing inflammation, optimal vitamin and minerals

3.     physiologic detox using basic Naturopathic modalities of exercise, breathing, hydrotherapy, sunshine and water

4.     nutrients – anti-oxidants, vitamin B6, minerals, B12, EFAs, probiotics etc

5.     Recognize, neutralize and eliminate these toxins via optimization of the primary emunctories. Therapies include botanicals and homeopathics and nutraceuticals.

6.     Drainage therapies specific for the heavy metal such as liver formulas to support phase 1 and 2 , kidney remedies, lymphatic formulas, oligoelements, organotherapies, gemmotherapies,  etc

7.     Mention of oral pharmaceutical chelators

This discussion will NOT include use of IV chelation therapy

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